Lawn Problems

Common Lawn Problems


A light colored grass that has a wide-blade compared to your regular turf. It grows flat to the ground rather than vertical like other grasses. It flattens and smothers your turf to a point of undesirable bare spots. Crabgrass is an annual grass that shows itself in mid July and turns brown and dies off in september. On most years, crabgrass is easily found in most lawns, however if your lawn becomes severely infested, Pro-Lawn offers a spring Pre-emergence treatment early the next spring. Usually this treatment is in late April or Early May. There is a short duration of time that this can be applied. This application also acts as your first regular weed and feed application, so fertilizer is applied at the same time to help repair your lawn. If you would like further information about your specific needs, please contact our office at 218-998-0190.


A severe, turf damaging disease seen in year where we had little or no snowcover during times of sub-zero cold snaps. Damage can range from very little, to large dead areas. It all depends on the variety of turfgrass you have and how well it counters the effects of winter. Overseeding with a premium seed with some resistant varieties makes all the difference here.

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